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Energy Healing is


More than 15 years ago, I became interested in bringing calm and peace into my life. While I didn’t quite know how to create those feelings, I did know I needed to try something different. In my own authentic way, I wanted to feel more confident mentally and emotionally, smile and enjoy loving and healthy relationships, and carry out work that helps people and satisfies my creative spark.


Over the years, I have experimented with several different approaches. Eventually, I gravitated to practices or therapies that work best for me, including meditation, walking, yoga, counseling, meditative drumming, chanting, shamanics, photography – AND YES – energy healing. I’ve found that each of these practices or therapies work best together, according to my needs. I use energy healing in conjunction to support, build and strengthen these practices or therapies that are part of my wellness goals - it's an integrative approach.

My energy healing practice includes training and certification as a Reiki Master and McKay Method® Graduate. I have also earned my Master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University. In addition, I am training to become a certified mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher. I am continually reading, learning and listening to professionals and other practitioners in the field of spirituality, energy healing, meditation, somatics, shamanics and relationships.


Not energy healing, but related - my experience also includes about 25+ years working in the media and communications, writing, editing, taking photos, performing graphics design, creating websites and managing social media. I've worked at a TV station, newspaper, magazine and a couple of non-profits that provide advocacy and care for underserved populations. All of these different jobs taught me the important skills of connecting and learning about the different people I meet every day. 

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The McKay Method® is a compilation of teachings taught by Energy Healer Bear McKay. Bear teaches specific energy healing treatments that attend to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The four-year course focused on Energy Signature, which is a starting point for a practitioner to understand and treat a client according to their own personal traits. In addition, students experience in-depth practices including mindfulness, meditation, shamanics, movement, soul work and other spiritual applications.


Reiki is an energy healing technique that helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation. Discovered in 1922 by Mikao Usui, the Japanese technique is administered using a light hands-on approach. Reiki is defined as “spiritually guided life energy.” While it’s directed by a practitioner who was attuned to the special energy by a Reiki Master, the wisdom of the energy delivers itself to the place that needs healing most. This means that when a practitioner connects to a client’s energy field, the Reiki energy will use its own intelligence to find the areas that need healing.

McKay Method
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