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Connect your MIND, BODY & SOUL

Energy healing is a spiritual art and science. The energy healing treatments you are treated to during your session are based upon Reiki-, shamanic-, soul- and mindfulness-based practices. Specific intuition-guided methods are used to balance subtle energy in and around your physical body. These methods work to energize and restore subconscious aspects that need healing most.


When you come for a session, you are treated to your own special formula that is gathered from conversation and an in-depth intake. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual occurrences that have shaped you throughout your life are taken into account. The information gathered during intake and the intuition-guided session provides clues to help you move forward with healing. Guidance and suggestions for mind-body practices are offered to help you integrate healing that occurs during your session.

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Energy healing is a positive holistic treatment that supports your overall wellness. While energy healing can stand alone, it is also powerful therapy that integrates well with other healing modalities. If you are receiving support from medical, mental health or holistic practitioners, you are encouraged to seek energy healing to help integrate the care you receive from other practitioners. Energy healing supports other treatments and therapies at the subconscious level, working to activate the powerful healing capabilities of your body, mind and soul.

What to EXPECT


Energy healing meets you exactly where you are at. When you come for your session, you can expect a comfortable, non-judgmental, private space of witnessing and healing.  


A typical energy healing session lasts about an hour. Your first session will take about 1.5 hours to complete a full intake. Before and after each session, we will discuss your goals and needs, which will guide your session. All energy healing sessions are performed with the highest intention for healing.


Energy healing is a gentle hands-on approach. You are encouraged to discuss your boundaries relating to touch. You will remain fully clothed during your session. You may remove your shoes or any loose jewelry.  


Energy healing is not a mode for a diagnosis or prescription. You are fully encouraged to seek appropriate medical or mental health care from trained professionals as your needs arise. If necessary, recommendations for local therapists, practitioners or physicians may be provided.


All people under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Each energy healing session includes intuition-guided energy work, which is performed in a comfortable room upon a sturdy massage table with pillows, covers and room temperature according to your needs. You are encouraged to relax into the session, but at the same time, you are free to ask questions or stop the session at any time.


A distance session is an effective way to transmit energy healing. All distance sessions are held over the phone. Just like a live session, you will receive intuition-guided energy work, and we will discuss your goals and needs before and after your appointment, all in a comfortable space you choose. 


All energy healing sessions are confidential, and your appointment will not be discussed beyond any of your sessions without your written consent.


Energy healing is an approach that benefits everyone regardless of age, gender, faith, ethnicity, creed, education, income level, social status, spiritual practices or health status. Your inner process, spiritual practices and healing pace are respected and supported. 

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