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People schedule an energy healing session for a number of different reasons. While some people are clear about their purpose, others need a little guidance – and that’s ok.

During your first energy healing session, together, we will complete a full intake that will help discover and clarify your needs and goals. As you continue your sessions, we will build upon your intake.

Remember, many life aspects have shaped the person you are today. The specific energy healing processes used during a session will focus on the parts of you that need healing most.

Your intake may include discussion on several topics, including physical and family history, current and past relationships, education and career, physical activity, nutrition, daily activities, therapies and medical care, supplements and prescriptions, and spiritual practices.

Before you come for your session, you might consider how these topics influence your life. This self-reflection will help you clarify your purpose for coming to energy healing. They will also guide the intuition-guided energy work performed during your session.


You get to determine what you would like to share. All discussions are confidential. 

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